In the MENA region, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has six primary and secondary institutions and one higher-education institution found in Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan. Each institution provides quality value-based Christian education with a focus on excellence in academics and service to others. This whole-person education prepares our graduates to be leaders in a world that is rapidly changing.

Middle East University (MEU) is a diverse institution that accepts students from all cultures and backgrounds. Connected to the second largest Christian education system in the world, it benefits from a constant flow of international staff and students from all over the world, fostering an intellectually and internationally open environment. MEU provides its students with a dynamic and integrated educational experience in a Christian context and scholarly environment. It presents the challenge and opportunity to nurture commitment to, and faith in, God. In addition, it promotes a healthy lifestyle, ethical standards, and personal values of love, generosity, justice, compassion, peace, mutual respect, and moral integrity. MEU encourages disciplined analytical thinking, creative self-expression, and continued intellectual growth. It also empowers its graduates for service and leadership roles in the local, regional, or global church community and in society at large. Learn more at

MEU started a pre-med BSc (Bachelor of Science in Biology) in 2016. Watch Dr. George Jackson, Faculty Dean of Natural Arts and Sciences, share on Future TV about the unique approach of this brand-new program.

The Bouchrieh (BASS) and Mouseitbeh (MASS) Adventist Schools are Seventh-day Adventist K-12 mission schools located in Beirut, Lebanon. They are concerned with the harmonious development of the spiritual, mental, physical, and social development of the students. They intend that their pupils recognize God as the source of all human knowledge and build a meaningful and fulfilling relation with Him. They challenge their pupils to develop personal direction in their own lives, be good citizens and be responsive to the needs of the others. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the Lebanese program, BASS and MASS provide their students with an all-round education and analytical skills crucial to a smooth transition into higher education. Find them online at and

Nile Union Academy is our secondary institution in Egypt. Founded in 1954, it now offers a five-year American equivalent high school diploma to its 135 Egyptian and Sudanese young people. Its mission is to

  • Equip students’ to use their head to think, reason, reflect and solve the problems, both moral and physical, that life serves up to us all.
  • Engage students’ with their heart teaching them compassion, commitment, discipline and the ability to work through the joys and sorrows of life.
  • Train students’ hands to work, embrace and reach out in support of their goals and the goals of others.

Find them online at

The Zeitoun Adventist Private School is located in Cairo, Egypt. They can be found on Facebook.

We have two K-12 institutions in Jordan, the Irbid Adventist School and the Amman Adventist School. Find the Irbid Adventist School online on Facebook.